Experience Research Leader based in Pittsburgh.

I build teams that use qualitative and quantitative methods to expand and improve experiences for real people.

Select ———— Projects

I am a leader and team builder, striving for business impact while focused on growth and development.

Super ———— Powers

Transparent communication — saying the tough things, pushing for clarity when it doesn’t exist.

Conducting qualitative research with people around the world — both remotely and in-person.

Fostering empathy by collaborating deeply with designers, engineers, and everyone in between.

Thriving in a state of urgency, while mindful of the perils of moving fast for the sake of it.

I believe the best decision making is grounded in human needs, with a mix of art and science.

Personal ———— Beliefs

Good research is rigorous and mixed-method. It should answer questions but also pose new ones.

Solutions are strongest when the problems are identified and deeply understood first.

Strong communication and collaboration are the bedrock of the best work.

Travel fosters human connection which in turn creates perspective and ultimately compassion.